Home Improvement

When do you need to change your door?

As South Africans, we have to assess the condition of our windows and doors? Winter is right around the corner and it’s time to make sure your home is properly insulated.

Keeping your windows and doors in working order is essential for every homeowner. Checking them from time to time is always recommended. 

Replacement of Windows and Doors

As your home ages, so does everything inside and outside of it. From the floorboards in your living room to the shingles on your roof. You have to maintain your home by repairing or replacing a lot of things. Signs to look out for when to replacing your windows and doors.

Signs You Need an Exterior Door Replacement

  1. Your Doors Are Lacking Curb Appeal

The front door of your home can make or break your home’s curb appeal.

You can improve its look by picking the right color or choosing a different door knocker. Adding an Aluminum Sliding door or steel not only looks great, but it can also increase the value of your home.

  1. You Feel a Draft

If you need to place a towel under your door to keep the cold air from coming in, then a front door replacement is the only solution. Upgrading will not only keep the draft out, but will also lower your utility costs, because you don’t need to switch on the heat or air conditioner. 

  1. Your Doors Are Weathered or Cracked

Front doors deal with wear and tear. Harsh weather conditions like heat waves and torrential rain can cause your door to warp and crack, so over time it will no longer function as it should. Major signs of damage should be a signal that it’s time for an exterior door replacement.

  1. You Don’t Feel Safe

When you don’t feel safe in your home, it’s definitely time to invest in a stronger door that is more resistant to forced entry. We have steel security gates designed to protect against break-ins.

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